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Out Of This World Space Cake Kit

Out Of This World Space Cake Kit

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Take your party guests on an adventure through the universe with this DIY space cake. 

This DIY space cake is perfect for those that can't get enough of the universe, galaxies and space.

Decorated with space coloured black chocolate buttercream, delicious edible planets, a deluxe galaxy sprinkle mix and edible silver paint. 

You'll love how fun this cake is to put together, how easy the decorating is and just how magnificent it looks.

Everything you need comes in the kit. 

Made for beginners, you don't need any baking experience. We provide easy to follow step by step instructions to guide you every step of the way.

Cake sizes:
6-inch cake serves 14
8-inch cake serves 24

If you're buying this as a gift for someone, don't forget to add on your FREE handmade gift message. 

Cake stand not included, used for display purposes only. Colours may vary slightly due to screen display differences. 

Kit Contents

Cake mix
Icing mix
Disposable cake pans
Cake skewer
High-quality black cake board
White fondant icing
Planet confectionery
Decorating wires
Black cocoa
Blue gel food colour
Purple gel food colour
Deluxe galaxy sprinkle mix
Paint brush
Edible silver lustre pot
Cake smoother
Cake box
Baking and decorating instructions

You'll Need

Ingredients: Large eggs, vegetable oil, water, salt (optional), butter, milk.

Tools: Electric mixer (or hand whisk), large & small mixing bowls, spatula, knife and measuring cups.


SEE INGREDIENTS, allergens and nutritional information sheet for this cake kit.
Gluten-free options available. Ingredients that are not gluten-free will be substituted with suitable ingredients that are similar (where possible).

Gluten-free cake kits have been packed in a facility that handles wheaten products and is not suitable for people with Coeliac Disease.


Flat rate shipping per cake kit to Australia and New Zealand (different rates apply). Express shipping available.

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Customer Reviews

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Rachel Dean
Out of this world 😉

We loved our cake kit!! Everything was included (except a couple of basic perishables). The instructions were clear and really easy to follow. We ended up making planets with some extra fondant instead of the supplied gumballs, but they would have turned out brilliantly had we gone that way. Highly recommend these kits! I'm sure I'll be back!!

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