Let's talk packaging

Did you know that we make a conscious effort to use eco-friendly, biodegradable and recyclable packaging?

We care about the environment and the consequences that not doing the right thing can have on our planet. So as a small business we do our bit by choosing eco-friendly packaging where possible because.

We also felt it was important to provide this information to you.

Here's a quick table that summarises the main items in our kits and their materials. 

Package item



How to dispose

Cake box




Piping bag


EPI bio plastic

General waste

Confectionery bags


Natural Cellulose

General waste or compost

Baking pans


Kraft paper

General rubbish

Cake skewers



General rubbish

Cake board



General rubbish

Instruction cards




Packing paper



General rubbish

Cake and icing bags



General rubbish

 *Disposing of these items may slightly differ in states and territories

Confectionery packets

All of our confectionery is packed into natural cellulose bags (not plastic) which are biodegradable and compostable. These can go into general rubbish or your home compost bin.

Piping bags

Our biodegradable disposable piping bags are a convenient throwaway bag that requires no cleaning, such a great time saver. Simply dispose of them in the general rubbish.

Shipping boxes

Our shipping boxes are made from eco-friendly kraft cardboard and can be recycled. We even use kraft shipping labels! 

Handmade rolling pin

Our handmade Australian wood rolling pins are not only perfect for rolling out fondant but are a great addition to any kitchen. If you do want to dispose of them, try re-gifting them first, otherwise, they can go into the general rubbish.

Cake pans

Made from paper, these cake pans can be disposed of in the general rubbish bin, leaving the environment to do the rest.

Cake and icing mix packets

Although we have chosen to pack our cake and icing mixes into kraft paper pouches, the food safe lining inside that is required to keep food fresh and safe for consumption, makes them non-recyclable, so these will need to go into the general rubbish. 

Bamboo cake skewer

We chose bamboo cake skewers as they are a more sustainable option for our cake kits. You can re-use these if they are cleaned thoroughly after use, otherwise, they can be disposed of in the general rubbish. 

Cake topper (optional extra)

We chose to have all of our cake toppers made from wood, avoiding the nasty acrylic and plastic options, because the reality of these ending up in the bin at some point and in our landfills is real.

If you have a cake topper to dispose of, try re-gifting it first, otherwise, it can go into general rubbish and will breakdown naturally over time.

Cake smoother

Unfortunately, there are limited eco-friendly cake decorating tools out there, simply because robust and food-safe materials are required.

Our cake smoothers are made of plastic and should be disposed of in the general rubbish. We are hopeful that because these achieve great results, they will become a staple cake decorating tool in your home. 

Cake board

We use high-quality masonite cake boards, which is hardboard made from wood fibres and therefore are a natural product. They can be disposed of in the general rubbish and will breakdown naturally.

Instruction Cards

When you are ready to part with your paper print outs, you can dispose of them in the recycle bin.

Tissue paper

Although an eco-friendly recycled paper product, tissue paper is not meant to be recycled due to its poor recyclability. You should dispose of our tissue paper in the general rubbish.

Other cake decorating tools

We choose to supply high-quality metal piping tips rather than plastic and where possible metal fondant cutters. We hope that all of our decorating tools will be an addition to your kitchen, or that someone close will happily take them off your hands.