Hi I'm Roxy!

Founder of Clever Crumb

Cake decorator, foodie, creative, animal lover and DIY enthusiast.

I love cake decorating for the creativity, sense of personal achievement and happiness it brings to my life and others.

My experience has taught me that anyone can create beautifully decorated cakes given the right tools and know-how.

So often I'd hear people say “I wish I could create that”, “I wouldn’t know where to start” or the most untrue of them all, “I could never do that”. 

The realisation that so many people wanted to make their own cakes is what led me on the journey to creating Clever Crumb, a cake kit company that makes baking and decorating cakes at home not only achievable, but affordable, creative and fun. 

Our Story

Like all small businesses, we started out hand designing and packing just a few cake kits. This soon expanded into cupcake kits and even doggy cakes! We now have a great range of kits available and continue to expand our range.

Our strong focus on using high quality ingredients and decorating supplies as well as our dedication to eco, lead us to hand making wood rolling pins to better the environment and provide affordable decorating tool to our customers. We are proudly still making these ourselves.

We continue to design our kits with beginners in mind, using cake decorating expertise to ensure the right tools and know-how go into each and every kit, making the process simple and fun.

Our mission

Inspire through exciting and modern kit designs.  

Make baking easy and less wasteful.

Infuse fun and creativity back into home baking.

Show you that you can create amazing cakes at home.

Let's make memorable cakes together!