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Cake Scrapers

Cake Scrapers

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The perfect home baker cake smoother.

Are you in love with our easy to use cake smoothers or want to give them a try?

They are small enough to handle easily and forgiving enough that you don't need to have mastered the technique to use them.

These are perfect for beginners or someone that doesn't have time to fluff about with big fancy decorating tools that are hard to use.

These are fantastic kitchen essentials and have so many other uses (like spreading icing on slices etc). 

The pack comes with three items:
1. Cake scraper (smoother)
2. Bowl scraper
3. Icing comb 

We will ship you either blue, white, yellow and pink, depending on what's in stock at the time.

We love these and so do our customers that have used them.

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Refer to ingredients list for the nutritional information of this cake kit. Ingredients are subject to change where required.

See cake mix ingredients here.

Gluten-free and vegan (eggless & dairy-free) cake kits are packed in a facility that also handles wheat, dairy and egg containing products. We do not recommend our kits for those with severe allergies. Contact us for more information.

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