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Loyal Angled Cake Spatula

Loyal Angled Cake Spatula

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The Loyal Angled Cake Spatula is a must have for any cake decorator or baking enthusiast!


This high-quality Loyal angled cake spatula is great for spreading icing evenly around your cake and a perfect addition to any of our cake kits. 

Paired with the cake smoother we supply in your cake kit, you will have all the tools you require to perfect a smooth cake icing layer.

Once you use one of these bad boys, you'll never use a butter knife to spread icing ever again!

* Brand: Loyal 
* Full length: 22 cm
* Type: Angled with thumb indent for easy handling
* Material: Stainless Steel with black or blue plastic handle
* Made in Japan

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SEE INGREDIENTS, allergens and nutritional information sheet for this cake kit.


If purchased with one of our cake kits, it will be shipped in the cake kit box and will not cost extra.

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