Top Australian kids birthday party themes and cake ideas in 2024

Top Australian kids birthday party themes and cake ideas in 2024

In 2024, the landscape of birthday party themes in Australia continues to be vibrant and diverse, with more creative themes emerging every year. 

Keeping up to date with the latest styles is important and we love researching what is happening in the party space so that we can continue to bring you the latest cake kit designs.

Between what we're seeing as our most popular kits and what the party industry is reporting, we've come up with a list of party themes that we think will be hugely popular this year. 

Party themes and cakes that are trending in 2024!

Here are some classic birthday party themes and cakes that continue to dominate kids birthday parties...

DIY Mermaid Cake Kit, Under The Sea Party Cake, Girls Birthday Cake, Mermaid Party Cake

Mermaid & Under The Sea Party

This theme is still hugely popular and it's not surprising why. It boasts both pastel and bright shades of colour, glitter and shimmer, coral, shells and sea creatures. These cakes are fun and beautiful to look at.


Unicorn DIY Cake Kit, Unicorn Party.

Unicorn Party

The appeal of unicorns is still hugely popular, with these parties often featuring bright decorations and creative activities like DIY unicorn horn headbands​​. We are seeing even more rainbow unicorn parties that boast bright colours. 

Harry Potter/Whimsical Party

These parties have magic-themed decor, games, and activities that transport guests to the wizarding world, like fun wand making actvities. Popular party food items range from golden snitches (Ferrero rochers with wings), Slytherin snakes (candy snakes), chocolate frogs and huffle puffs (cheese puffs) to name a few good DIY ideas.


Princess Party

Next-level princess parties go beyond standard fare, emphasising elaborate decorations, including tulle and glitter, for a magical experience​​. Some fun activities for kids to do is to ice and decorate crown-shaped cookies and play traditional party games with a royal twist like, pin the tail on the dragon or the jewel on the tiara, musical thrones, or the queen says (instead of simon says).


Safari Animal DIY Cake Kit Birthday Party

Safari Animal

Still hugely popular, this theme is versatile in that it is great for baby shower parties, smash cakes and birthdays. Natural colours work really well for this theme, using kraft favour bags and plates give a forest feel to the decor.

 Superhero DIY Cake Kit Birthday Party

Superhero Party

Choose your favourite superhero, or have them all! This party theme has a bucket load of options and can be tailored to all sexes by simply changing up the superhero of choice, the colour of the decor and cake.


Gaming Party

This theme is really broad, with so many different ways to game and so many actual game-themes, but one thing is for certain with this party theme is it will be boldly bright with neon colours and fun activities.

There are also new party trends coming through that are gaining popularity not just here in Australia but around the world, and these are...

Minecraft Creeper DIY Cake Kit Birthday Party

Minecraft Party

The creeper cake is one of our most popular cake kits! Not only is Minecraft being reported as one of the hottest party themes in 2024, it's selling out which shows just how popular this birthday theme really is.

Pirate DIY Cake Kit Birthday Party Theme

Pirate Party

Blue hues, beach feels, messages in a bottle and pirate ships are just some of the elements of this theme. Serve up some skeleton bones (yoghurt covered pretzels), treasure (chocolate coins), marshmallow eye balls and canon balls (blueberries) for food and you'll have yourself one hell of a pirate party.

Taylor Swift or Pop Star Themed Party

This party-theme is trending and we might even go as far as saying this is the hottest party theme right now for teens. Some great ideas for this party theme is to encourage guests to come dressed as their favourite Taylor Swift era,  set up a karaoke machine or hire a photo booth for activities. For some fun food ideas you could have "blank space" cupcakes, "red" velvet cake pops, "shake It off" milkshakes, and "fearless" fruit skewers. To top things off, send guests home with goodie bags filled with treats like candy, stickers, and small trinkets.

TikTok Party Theme Cake

Image credit: Erica Choice/Cakes By Choice

TikTok Party

An app that is taking the world by storm so it's not surprising this design is becoming hugely popular with the teenage population. If your teen loves TikTok, this might be a theme to explore for their birthday. Some entertainment ideas might be to make TikTok dance routines, play guess the TikToker and have TikTok karaoke. 


Bunnings Cake Birthday Theme Idea

Image credit: 21 Cupcakes

Bunnings Party

What kid doesn't love tagging along to Bunnings, either for pushing their mini trolley around the huge aisles and gazing at all the grown up stuff or getting the famous snag at the end of the outing. 


Disco Party

A party trend that is growing exponentially for teens in particular. 70's colours, dance music, karaoke and disco balls are just some ideas for this party theme. Send guests home with disco-themed goodie bags filled with retro candies, glow sticks, and disco ball keychains as souvenirs of the groovy night.

Space Astronaut DIY Cake Kit Birthday Party

Space & Astronaut Party

This theme is great for all ages to enjoy. Bubblegum planets, sprinkle astroids and shooting stars are just some fun elements you can experiment with. 

So there you have it, that's our list of the top birthday party themes for 2024. 

With new party themes emerging all the time, we have no doubt that this list will change, but for now, these are the themes taking the top spots.

One thing is for certain, there will always be a fun and exciting birthday party theme to choose and plenty of ideas out there on how to execute it. 

Happy party planning!

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