What's your type?

What's your type?

You may be unsurprised to hear that there are different ways of cutting a cake. 

But you may have never thought about it like this...

I have come across all sorts of cake slicers over the years, all equally hilarious and a celebration wouldn't be the same without them! 

Have I got you thinking now?

Breaking down my observations of how people attempt to cut a cake, I've come up with five categories:

  1. The avoider
  2. The eager beaver
  3. The hacker
  4. The perfectionist

and the one we all love...

     5. The over-handler

I bet just by naming those five you've already thought of someone that fits into at least one of those hilarious categories.

Let's break each type down and as we do, think about where you fit in.

The Avoider

As the name suggests, the avoiders do anything they can to not be the ones cutting the cake. Conveniently removing themselves when there's an anticipation that the cake is on its way out.

This is me! You might think this is strange considering my experience with cakes, but it's less to do with the cake cutting and more to do with being at the centre of all those judging eyes. It's enough to make me feel sick. I can bet I am not alone in this. Who's with me?

The Eager Beaver

The eager beavers are the complete opposite, they are the first ones waiting at the table before when they hear 'let's cut the cake'. They will usually remind the host that the cake needs to be cut before anyone leaves and have portions being handed out before you have enough time to blink or blow out the candles.

The Hacker

The hacker is probably the most entertaining and as the name suggests, tends to attack the cake with anything that resembles a chopping object. They make uneven slices, leave patches of icing missing from the cake and hand out lumps of cake that resemble something of a mashed-up trifle. These guys drive us OCD folk nuts!

The Perfectionist

The perfectionist takes forever to serve up, literally calculating portion sizes, carefully drawing lines into the icing, slicing ever so gently and methodically. Every piece looks like it should be in a food magazine and by the time you're served a piece everyones gone home.

The Over-Handler

And finally, we all know an over-handler. Fingerprints indented into the icing of every slice, licking their fingers in-between each cut and the standard "don't mind fingers" comment as they pass it to you.

So there it is...

Just when you thought slicing a cake is the most boring concept ever, you'll find yourself profiling your friends and family.



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