Keep Your Kids Entertained With A Creative Activity This Easter

Keep Your Kids Entertained With A Creative Activity This Easter

It’s no surprise that here at Clever Crumb, we love to bake! Not only for the creativity, sense of achievement and enjoyment of a home-baked good, but more rewardingly, being able to share the experience with others.

Our baking kits aren’t just perfect for making birthday and celebration cakes, but they are great as a fun and interactive activity the whole family can enjoy.

We often forget just how powerful the experience of creating something yourself can be. Baking is a great way to engage children in an educational, hands-on activity that allows them to discover their creativity and learn new skills. Baking is very educational with its scientific and mathematical concepts as well as instructional which is great for language development.

Not only that, sharing the experience of making something is rewarding and memorable.

The level at which each child can get involved in the baking and decorating process will vary with age and ability, but most will be okay with mixing the ingredients, spreading icing and decorating with simple items under supervision.

Baking with children doesn’t need to be stressful, sometimes making a few small preparations can make things easier.

Top tips for baking with kids 

We’ve put together a list of our top tips on making baking and decorating child friendly and less stressful.

  • Setting up a dedicated area for decorating makes cleaning up a lot easier. This can be a dining table or benchtop that’s easily accessible to kids. One thing to remember is that it’s more than likely that icing, lollies and sprinkles will end up on the floor, so choosing a space that is easy to clean is ideal.
  • If you have an apron for the kids, this will save on laundry!

  • Having all of your ingredients pre-measured before you start makes it easier for kids to manage as they can simply add them into the bowl for mixing.

  • Using a wooden spoon or silicone spatula to mix the ingredients is safer for little ones to handle.

  • Try and use a recipe that doesn’t have a lot of tricky steps. Something simple like our cake mixes where you add all the ingredients together at once and mix will be the easiest for kids to do and for parents not to stress about.

  • Portion out decorating items (such as lollies and sprinkles) into small bowls, as kids are more likely to take handfuls than one at a time and all that you offer will be used up! This is especially true for littlies.

  • Using icing and edible ink pens to decorate cookies, cupcakes and cakes are an easy way for children to decorate rather than using a piping bag

  • Use decorations that are easy for children to handle, such as, fresh fruit, edible flowers, sprinkles and confectionery.

  • If you have multiple kids or are baking as a party activity, it may be better to decorate mini cakes, cupcakes or cookies. That way each child can make their own masterpiece.

  • I know this one is hard but try to let go of your inner perfectionist and allow the kids to enjoy the process of decorating, even if the result doesn’t look like it belongs in a magazine. Not only great for their self-esteem, but it will be perfectly imperfect to them and something they will be proud of.

Removing the hassle and stress from busy parents

We design our baking kits knowing children love to bake and parents are busy people. It’s important to us that we do all the organising, making the whole process hassle- free, allowing our customers to focus on the fun stuff, like baking and decorating with their kids.

Every year we release holiday-inspired cake kits as a fun activity that people can do at home. This year we designed a special Easter activity kit that's super fun and really simple to whip up.

Our NEW Limited Edition Easter Cupcake Kit

Kids will love making these cupcakes as an activity these Easter holidays and parents will love the pre-measured ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions making baking this Easter stress-free and fun.

We love a twist on the traditional festivities, so why not try baking this year as a way of celebrating together. It will not only be a fun activity that will keep the kids entertained for hours, it will also be a great character building exercise for them, where they can enjoy their delicious creations, celebrate their success and make everlasting memories at home. 



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