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Tips on how best to cut your cake!

How do you tackle cutting a round cake?

Most of us cut traditional triangle slices that never cut evenly or break away when removing them.

So how do you get even slices easily?

Here's what we recommend...

Rather than cutting triangles that are fiddly to handle, cut the cake straight across about 3-4 cm in from the side. Lie the sliced section flat onto a chopping board and cut nice even rectangle pieces. Repeat until you've cut enough slices.

Clever Crumb - Slicing Of Round Cake Demonstration

This is often how wedding cakes are cut and even portions achieved.

Not only do you get beautifully even cut slices of cake with less mess, you achieve cake cutting pro status at your next party. 

Try this out on your next cake and let us know what you think!

We hope this tip has made your life that little bit easier, because it's definitely changed ours.

If you'd like to see a demonstration, check out the video link below showing you how we cut our birthday cake!

How to cut a round cake easily

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