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...Hello Easy Baking

Ever thought about getting creative in the kitchen only to find you don't have everything you need or the herculean task of measuring, sifting, mixing and baking is enough to put you off?

I know from personal experience what it's like to have the enthusiasm to bake and it be crushed by these overarching dilemmas. 

When I was putting together the concept of Clever Crumb, I asked myself, why can't making a cake just be more simple?

Good news is, is that I found a way that it can! I realised that I could remove the hard work and stress of baking by supplying ready-to-go cake mixes in our cake kits.

Not having to source bulk supplies, measure and sift dry ingredients takes a lot of the hassle out of baking. Not only that, time is precious, so having a cake mix that works and doesn't end in a baking disaster, removes the stress and potential for disappointment.

If you love convenience, you'll love this. How do you feel about being able to make a cake in as little as 5 steps? 

Clever Crumb Baking DIY Kit. Simple Baking Kit. Homemade Cake.

1. Pour cake mix into a bowl
2. Add liquids (Eggs, Water, Oil)
3. Mix
4. Pour batter into cake pans
5. Bake!

No tricky baking methods, just mix it all together and away you go.

Tried and tested, these cake mixes have been put through their paces and surprised even the most novice bakers that never thought it was possible.

Vanilla and chocolate mud cake baked with Clever Crumb Cake Mix from the DIY cake kits.

It's seriously easy and fail-safe and you'll get a delicious cake every time. I love our cake mixes, there's something for everyone (vegan and gluten-free included) and if you're really wild you can add extra flavourings to give them that wow factor! (we will cover this in another blog).

Our kits are so convenient, they take all the hassle out of baking leaving you to enjoy the fun stuff.

So next time you need to make a cake, don't be intimidated by the task, try out our baking kits and/or cake kits and see for yourself just how easy it is to make great cakes at home.


~ Roxy ~

Clever Crumb


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