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Construction Cakes Aren't Just For Boys!

How to make a construction party cake for a truck loving girl in your family.

When it comes to party themes anything goes these days, girls are rocking traditional 'boy' themed parties and vice versa.

Sometimes it can be hard to find appropriate coloured party items to suit and cakes are often shown with more 'traditional' colours. So you're left wondering, how can I make this more 'girly'?

When it comes to cake at least we have the creative freedom, so it's actually very easy to tailor the design.

Any theme can be tweaked ever so slightly to make it more appropriate for your occasion by simply changing up the colours or adding extra decorations (coloured candles, cake toppers etc).

Here's a great example of this where one of our customers used the 'Construction cake kit', but changed out the colour in the kit to be pink to suit her daughters birthday party theme.

It's that simple really, and look at the result! 

Who says construction cakes are for boys?!

Construction Cake Aren't Just For Boys. Girl Constructions Themed Party

Here's an example of an awesome construction cake that was made for a little girl that loved trucks and diggers. 

If you see something you like and it doesn't quite fit the look you were going for, ask yourself what it would look like if the colour was changed or if some extra elements were added to incorporate your preferred theme. 

Possibilities are endless when it comes to styling a cake and we are more than happy to help you out with your party theme to make one of our cake kits suit.

You will notice that when you visit our website, we don't categorise our cake kits by 'boys cakes' and 'girls cakes'. Simply because all of our cake kits are enjoyed equally. 



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