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Custom Cake Kit

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Build your own cake kit. 

This is the ultimate creative cake, allowing you to explore your own designs and purchase everything you need for it easily, in one place.

It's as simple as choosing a cake size, cake flavour and adding in all the decorating bits and bobs you need.

If you have any questions or need something more specific, contact us :)


- Select multiple options in a menu by highlighting them together

- The size of the cake board will be matched with the cake size you select

- The total of the items you have selected will show at the bottom of the table and will be added to the base price of the custom kit (shown at the top of the page)

- 50g of fondant is roughly a 4 cm ball (usually this is enough to make a few small features on a cake).

- 50g of sprinkles is enough to put around the bottom of an 8-inch cake. 

- Gluten-Free and Vegan options have been marked as (GF) (V)