Nutritional Information

Want to know the food ingredients? 

We believe food ingredient and nutritional information should be readily available for online purchases.

We have added these cake kit information sheets to our website so that you can make an informed decision before you buy.

Don't forget, we also physically label all of our food products with food labels.

Click on the below links to view each cake and cupcake kits nutritional info.

* Cake Mixes

* Honey Bee Cake Kit

* Vintage Floral Cake Kit

* Block Emoji Cake Kit

* Bunny Cake Kit

* Caramel Popcorn Cake Kit

* Monster Cake Kit

* Lollipop Cake Kit

* Bubblegum Blue Cake Kit

* Rainbow Kisses Cake Kit

* Cotton Candy Pink Cake Kit

* Cookie Cake Kit

* Dino Cake Kit

* Unicorn Cake Kit

* Vintage Floral Cake Kit

* Halloween Pumpkin Cake Kit

* Christmas Tree Cookie Cake Kit

* Gingerbread Cookie Cake Kit

* Rudolph Cake Kit

* Christmas Elf Cake Kit

* Sugar Art Cake Kit

* Slice Of Passion Cake Kit

* Loved Up Cake Kit Cake Kit

* Snowy Romance Cake Kit

* Buttercup Baby Cake Kit

* Winter Wonderland Cake Kit

* Easter Nest Cake Kit

* Construction Cake Kit

* Race Car Cake Kit

* Movie Night Cupcake Kit

* Campfire Cupcake Kit

* Carnival Cupcake Kit

* Slumber Party Cupcake Kit

* Baby Reveal Cake Kit

* Garden Picnic Cupcake Kit

* Colour Me CupCake Kit

* Superhero Cake Kit

* Over The Rainbow Cake Kit

* Mermaid Cake Kit

* Rainbow Cupcake Kit

* Mermaid Cupcake Kit

* Winter Snow Cupcake Kit

* Block Cupcake Kit

* Princess Cupcake Kit

* Baby Shower Cupcake Kit

* Baby Reveal Cupcake Kit

* Bow-tiful Cupcake Kit


Dog Cake Kits

The Boss Dog Cake Kit

Just Paw-fect Dog Cake Kit