About Us

Hey there! I'm Roxy, the founder of Clever Crumb. 

I love cake decorating for the creativity, sense of personal achievement and happiness it brings to my life and those that I make cakes for.
My experience over the many years of cake decorating taught me that anyone can create beautifully decorated cakes given the right tools and know-how. Friend's of mine would often say “I wish I could create that”, “I wouldn’t know where to start” or the most untrue of them all, “I could never do that”. I'm here to tell you, you 100% can! 

The realisation that so many people wanted to make their own cakes is what led me on the journey to 
creating Clever Crumb, a cake kit company that makes baking and decorating cakes at home not only achievable and convenient but creative and fun. 
For those who simply don't know where to start or need inspiration, we have a wide range of cake designs for all ages. Our kits explore all kinds of cake decorating techniques, perfect for those that want to learn something new or practise their skills. And for those that need a convenient all-in-one cake solution, our kits are perfect as all the organising is done for you, allowing you to focus on the fun stuff!
With some inspiration and a little cake kit guidance, you can create something truly awesome, impressing those that you love most. There is no gift quite like the homemade kind.
So come and join us in the creative fun here at Clever Crumb, where you too can make memorable cakes!